This is a basic combat template that you can use for your RPG!

This template contains a turn-based classic combat system that everyone know and love. There are three party members in your party, each of them can attack, use skills, use items, or even try to run.

The codes are heavily commented and makes it easy to understand if you already know your way around Construct 2. You can customize this template to your own liking, from adding new skills and items, to adding more party members, to make your own unique battle system!

This template uses the Family features and have more than 200 events, so you have to use at least Construct 2's personal edition to use it.

A combat system ties to other aspects of an RPG, for example: an inventory and skills management system. This template uses arrays to manage items and multiple skills for different characters, if you have created an inventory system before, you only need to output the list of all your items in an array.

All the graphics used here are free to use, and I can use them for commercial purposes (I've checked the license).

There two kinds of skills that a character can use: skills that target party members, or target enemy members. And each of them can be broken down to two more: single target skills, and multiple target skills. You can choose whether to deal a strong blow to one enemy, or weaker attack but to all of enemies at once.

You can find the web demo for this template above. The demo is how the template would run, just imagine how it would look if all the graphics are replaced by your game's. It would be awesome, right?

The demo is totally playable by mouse clicks. Ruthos and Deitrich (the top two characters) are the attackers, while Garth (the third character) is a healer. You can click on the "Skills" to see that each of them have different skills.


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